I’m at home today and not at work, where I should be. As I was coming down to exercise this morning, at 6 AM!, I felt a shooting pain in my calf. It felt like a really bad charley horse that refused to go away. Very painful to walk, hurts to flex my foot (I know, I know! Stop flexing your foot!) Anyway, I’m pretty sure I just pulled the muscle a little bit. So, I’m following the tried & true expertise of the Internet – Rest, Ice, chocolate Compression, & Elevation. Also, I’m popping Advil like it’s going out of style! And hopefully, I’ll be back to walking by tomorrow. In the meantime, Helen stayed home to play nursemaid, in case things took a turn for the worse … like my leg fell off (I’m a Met’s fan, it could definitely happen!) and she is getting so much work done. She’s already hand-mopped the kitchen floor, scrubbed down the shower and the ceiling in the bathroom (I don’t know what’s wrong with her either) and now she’s off doing the post office – shopping run.

So, what can you learn from this post?

a) Exercise, especially at 6AM is bad for you; and
b) Being a Met’s fan is dangerous to your health!

One Response to “MEDIC!”

  1. the Provident Woman Says:

    I could have told you exercies that early isn't good for you. No good can come from it. Just ignore the boost of energy you'll have, the healthy glow, the possible weight loss. The lack of sleep cancels all of that out.

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