Recently, I’ve felt the need to adopt … cats that is. There was the one at PetCo, then the two from the shelter, and this past weekend, I met the two three strays that are hanging out in my mother’s yard at the beach. The middle one looks just like Dudley – we figure she must be his sister. Then there’s her kitten who is quickly approaching cat-hood. He/She is such a cutie pie. And occasionally, Old Deuteronomy shows up. We’re not sure if she/he is the grandparent to the kitten or a great-grandparent? But he/she is evidently part of the family structure because she/he showed up and lay down by the kitten and mom disappeared. It seemed to be the changing of the guard.

For some reason, going from four cats to six cats is not that big a jump in my mind. However, going from six to seven is a HUGE deal! It makes no sense. While my head is saying that four cats is a very nice number and is working well, thank you very much, my heart is saying let’s round ’em all up and bring ’em home. My heart really needs a time out.

If I had been given the choice at any moment this weekend, I would have already brought them all to the vet and have them home by now. But luckily for my head, they’re not ready to just jump into my arms (stupid cats) and are a little leery of humans in general. Which gives us time to get away from the cuteness and think clearly. We cannot afford to take them, period. Given the time, my head will explain all this to my heart, which tends to be a little stubborn.

I’m beginning to wonder if my heart is speaking for my biological clock. I’ve never regretted the choice not to have kids. I see toddlers and think they’re cute and funny, but I don’t want to take them home with me. I enjoy watching kids learn things, especially when they finally get what you’ve been talking about for the past few weeks. That light bulb moment! But again, that’s as far as my interest goes. It may be different with blood relations, but since none of my siblings have had any children, I don’t know yet.

But I’m getting to the point where the body’s saying “last call” and is this desire to round up poor, unwanted cats my body’s way of compensating for not having kids? It would certainly be in keeping with me to have a biological clock that sported a furry coat!


  1. Monica Says:

    My husband and I went to Melbourne, FL this weekend as we were wandering around the old town we ran across a shelter that was set up like a pet store, clean and really well managed. We walked in (against my better judgement) and there was someone adopting a dog, which is great. EXCEPT as soon as the dog was being taken out of it's pen the ones being left behind started wailing and whimpering and I started bawling and dragged my husband out to door.

    As soon as we were out I said "I want a baby" – until now my furry son has been enough but for some reason I made an immediate gut connection with my reaction in the shelter and my biological clock.

    The funny thing is that as a typical clueless man, my husband just stood there and stared at me with a "huh?" look on his face not sure how I'd made that leap.

    I don't know it it was just me being melodramatic or if maybe I just need another dog but either way it was interesting to see this post this morning.

    Good luck to you on the new cat search, I get the feeling this one isn't over yet for you.

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