NaBloPoMo’s theme for September is Beauty and I love this as a prompt for blogging. I’m not sure I’ll make it posting every day for the month but I have no problem blatantly stealing borrowing their idea. I thought an interesting twist would be to list a “beauty” quote a day and see how it fits in with my life. Because, yes, it is all about me!

Today’s quote? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This little guy spent an entire day traveling around the perimeter of our picnic table. He went around several times – sometimes disappearing under the lip only to reemerge further down the table.

His coloring is brilliant, using both definitions of the word. Whereas his face might be one that only a mother can love, the overall package isn’t half bad!

Too bad this is what he has to look forward to in his future. Enjoy your youth, kid! It’s all blahsville from here! Although, you’ll blend right into the bark of the tree, which I suppose is the idea. Mother Nature – go figure! There’s a reason behind all her madness:D

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