Welcome to episode 17 of Project Take Back the House. Dust Bunnies! I’m putting you on notice! You’re time in this household is measured. (Can you hear them laughing in the background?) This week, Flylady has us working in the front hall/entrance way. My goal tonight was to clean off our hallway table and find a spot to put our pocketbooks. As of right now, we drop them when we come in and have to move them several times during the course of the night, as we find them in our way over and over again.

We were using the top of the table as a storage spot for books that we’re waiting to read but since we can’t go near a bookstore without bringing home more books, they were falling off the top. So we needed to find a new place to store them. Also, as you can see, we love our store (Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals) and the items we sell. So much so, that we adopt many of them ourselves.

There was a lot of stuff to move around but I got it all put away. And this is my newly cleaned little section of the hall. I took one of the MANY geese we have (what is it with geese & rabbits? They seem to gravitate towards our house!) and re-purposed it as a spot for keys.

2 Responses to “TAKE BACK THE HOUSE!”

  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Did you notice this morning the bashful bear has been unceremoniously kicked off the railing and was lying face down on the table? I wonder who could have done that?

  2. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    I did my Flylady mission today, too! 5yo came home from school & said, "Why does it smell so good in here?" 🙂 Guess they do notice!

    It looks nice. Also, Hi, Rupert!

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