Things are a little tense at work right now. Earlier in the summer, the higher ups told everyone there would be mandatory 10% pay cuts across the board, which we could offset by taking a furlough day every two weeks. The company would then revisit the state of the economy in the Fall. September is now here and our office has already let two of our own go – an estimator and a project manager, one of whom had been with the company for over 9 years.

Tomorrow, we are having an office meeting to go over new responsibilities for those of us left. There is also talk about some of us moving our offices from the back of the building up to the front. This is more frightening than anything else for me – they’re going to want me to clean out my office. I’m not sure that’s possible:}

Then at noon, we’re having the company-wide meeting with all the offices joining in. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about many other people who have been let go this week. I am so grateful to still have my job but this is not a fun time to be working here. Everyone is on edge and tempers are fraying. I don’t know whether tomorrow’s gathering will alleviate the tension or not. I need to go to my happy place —

Stay tuned ….

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