Today was a morning of meetings. First at our office meeting, we found out that responsibilities will be shifting from those that have more to do (me) to those who do not. I do not have any say in what I get to keep, otherwise I would be getting rid of filing sooo quickly! No, instead I will be passing on the more interesting work I do. But on a good note, I get to do the mail now. Whoopee for me:D Oh, yeah and I’m moving my office to the front part of the building across from someone I have a very strained relationship with, so that’s going to be all sorts of fun!

Then, at noon, we had our company wide meeting where we were told that everyone would have to continue our 10% paycut through the end of the year, only now we will not be taking furlough days. We will revisit how the company is doing in January. At both meetings, we were told to keep smiling because, you know – we still have our jobs, unlike the ones laid off. Like we need to be reminded of that!

So, yeah – the first part of my day basically sucked! However it ended well. Tomorrow I’ll show you what Helen got me as an early birthday present to make me feel better.

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