Helen & I have been focusing most of our energy recently on our store, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals. We cleaned out all of the left over teaching supplies (there were more than I originally thought) and donated them to the Catholic School where I happily spent 3 years teaching. (Funny how, when looking back, you remember all the good times and gloss over the annoying ones.) Two weekends ago, I drove down and met one of the teachers at the school and unloaded all the goodies. There was some really good stuff in there!

We moved the store blog from Blogger to WordPress and, so far, I’m pleased with the way it looks. We’re trying to post 5-6 times a week, with weekly themes and specific things on each day. When I was teaching, I loved making edible projects with the kids – spiders out of marshmallows, birds out of crackers, etc. They had a ball getting dirty and eating the final product. So, once a week, we either create or try to replicate a recipe that fits in with our theme. So far, we’ve made bats and witches hats and cats, and, oh yeah – monster cupcakes. Most of the creations look like a 5 year old made them, but I’m doing that on purpose. For real! I don’t want you to be upset when your creation doesn’t come out perfect like mine! So I ease up on the flawlessness – making it look like a real person did it. One day, when I release my awesomeness, you just won’t know what hit you!

Every Thursday, we post a give-away. A brand new item that we’re just handing out for free. This week it was Sesame Street Workbooks; last week it was a Monster Game; the week before, it was a Cat Puzzle.

I’m trying really hard not to get discouraged, but we’ve only had sporadic visits and virtually no comments. I mean, we’ve barely managed to get one commenter a post on the giveaways. I know we have to give it time and I’m in no way giving up, but it’s hard not to feel ignored. We tweet about the posts and Rupert (the spokesperson for our company)

has his own Facebook page that the tweets go to also. Really, how can anyone not love that face?

We will continue on, trying to make the posts as interesting as possible and, hopefully, taking better quality pictures. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Is there something you go looking for to do with your kids? Art projects? Fact finding missions?

Another question for you. Are people just not commenting on blogs anymore? Has Twitter taken over as the forum of choice? I know that I read blogs on my lunch break through my google reader and I don’t always have time to comment. But I read you, all of you! At least the ones that I know about. Anyway, I may be answering my own question here. I am more likely to tweet someone than click into their blog and then into their comment box/page. Hmmm. I must think on this.

If you’re on Twitter and are interested in following us, I’m @marybeth494, Helen is @reggittino, and Rupert is @ruperthedgehog. Come join us – it’s lots of fun. Really! And if you know anyone who loves stuffed animals, – we’ve got some awesome critters just waiting to go to a nice home!

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