I just took a call at my job from someone at a local rectory asking if someone could come over and give him a quote on some drywall work, for a 10×18 room. We don’t do work that small. We don’t do work as small as the rectory as a whole, actually. We do hospitals and university buildings and public schools and casinos. And baseball stadiums (Yankee fans, you’re welcome! Nationals fans too!)

But I went to check with the head of the office anyway. Because you know the one time I summarily dismiss a rector like that, it will turn out to be someone’s local parish and it will be one more strike against me when I try to get out of hell, and I’m already on the 7th level all by myself, so I really don’t need any extra help, thank you very much.

As it turns out, we only do commercial work and this is not the right job for us. But you know what? The strike is now against the head of the office, not me, cause I did the right thing. It’s called passing the buck!

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