There, I said it. It’s a problem. I’m admitting that I have an addiction. It’s not stopping me from playing – at all time, some of them completely inappropriate times, like when I’m at work. And I’m supposed to be working on work stuff. Blah, blah, blah – I’d much rather be blowing up little jewels.

There are times when I wonder what the behind the scenes gnomes are saying to each other. You know, the gnomes that line up the jewels to drop every time you clear a group of gems? THOSE gnomes! And if you don’t think about the gnomes, then you have a severely under-developed sense of whimsy and really, I pity you. Besides, it’s not as if the gems fall in a random sequence. There’s order behind that chaos!

Anyway, I think the gnomes are beginning to question my ability to play the game properly. “We just lined up a super-sweet 4 in a row for her and she missed it completely! I mean, does she even want to win?” “You’re looking around for a move and it’s RIGHT THERE in front of you! Do you think we should suggest she get her eyes checked?” “Really, I don’t know why we bother setting these things up for her. Look at that! LOOK AT THAT! She just passed up a star jewel! That’s it, I’m done! She’s on her own now!”

You’re right. I have to stop playing this game because it’s affecting my brain! I think I’ll try the Breaking Bricks game. I heard the elves over there are much nicer.
Oh My God! I thought I’d finished and just went to play another game of Blitz. It really is an addiction. I need help!


  1. Marg Says:

    Have you started getting the messages if you play 20 games in a row, and things like that!

    I need an intervention from that game I swear!

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