In my family, the kitchen is the most important (and most used) room in the house. In most of our houses, it’s usually painted a cheery yellow. And it’s where everyone congregates, whether you want them to or not, which I learned much to my chagrin at my sister’s graduation party. After helping my mother clean (and I mean deep clean) the rest of the house, we didn’t get to the kitchen. Guess where everyone wound up?

And why not? You can guarantee it’s going to be warm, what with the oven going. All the action happens there if you’re serving any type of food, which you will get first dibs on if it’s leaving the kitchen. And it’s a place where pets of all kinds are welcome. There are no worries about fur on the furniture or scratching of rugs. Everything is more relaxed in the kitchen.

This got me thinking – what are some requirements for a good kitchen? This will differ for everyone but mine are:
  • there has to be lots of room because, as I mentioned, people gravitate there
  • loads of comfortable seating because you want to be comfortable
  • a table big enough to sit a group, with room for accoutrement – in our case, laptops since at least two of us have them going at all times
  • lots of lighting including natural lighting, so lots of windows/doors
On the cooking end, I would like:
  • counter space up the yin-yang! I never have enough, especially around the stove
  • speaking of which, while I love my parents’ Aga for the warmth, I want a gas stove to work with, especially when I’m baking
So, if anyone has a spare kitchen lying around that fits the bill, let me know and I’ll move right in. Oh, and if it comes with a staff of elves to clean up after I’m done cooking, that would be awesome! What about you? What do you need for the perfect kitchen?

One Response to “THE KITCHEN”

  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Think you need a football stadium to fit all your requirements, but it sounds perfect!

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