THE SWANS CAME or why we have no bread in the house

For my birthday, I got a zoom lens for my camera. I’m still learning all the techno-jargon – I just know I can get really close up pictures that come out looking really, really cool!
Yesterday morning, I noticed that the swans were on our side of the river. There are four of them that travel together – two older ones and two younger. You can tell the youngsters because they still have some of the browns & grays of their baby feathers and their beaks have yet to turn orange. I crept downstairs and into the yard trying to get pictures without disturbing them.
I should worry!

See how his feathers are still a little mottled? They help camouflage him. It’s all part of the wonders of nature.

Here’s an adult with the full orange. When I first downloaded the pictures, I noticed that the camera was focusing more on the fence than on the birds in some of the pics, so I decided to try to get some more, this time shooting over the top of the fence, which would require me getting a little closer.

Rather than be upset and swim away, the swans came right up to the edge of the water. They obviously wanted something and were used to people giving it to them, immediately I might add.
Feed me human, NOW!

Why isn’t my imperial stare working? Stop clicking that thing at me and get me something to eat! Really, do you think she speaks English? Does she not know I’m hungry!

So I went in to check to see if we had anything that swans would want to eat.

By the time I got back outside with some rolls, they’d invited all their friends. The seagulls were not a good addition to the party. They swooped in and stole the bits of the bread away from anyone they could get close to, and were all round very rude guests. The poor ducks got the short stick since they were too well behaved to fight back. But that’s okay since they’re the only ones that fly into our yard so I put out lots of seeds for them. The swans were happy with my offering and promised to come back again. Unfortunately, I’m usually at work during their visiting hours, but maybe I’ll catch them one morning, if I’m not too late!
And off they go, to find another sucker who won’t mind parting with a little bread. They didn’t take their friends with them, however. The seagulls are still hear, trashing the dock!

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