We often talk about how Andrew is the kind of cat that you get once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.

It’s not that he’s so patient with the demon Dudley or that he puts up with all our foibles.

It’s not even that he’s one of the most RELAXED creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

It’s that he is such a comfort. I was holding him this morning, in his preferred pose – draped over my shoulder and relaxing into my arm – that I realized he was calming me down just with his purring. As he burrowed into my neck, I noticed that subconsciously, my breathing was matching his. This is why I cannot hold him for any extended period of time – I would be comatose, I’d be so relaxed.

That or my arm would fall off. That’s 20 pounds of pure muscle right there. Nothing fluffy about this one!

There’s a reason he earned the title of “Greatest Cat That Ever Lived!”



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