I was reminded last week that the TV show Dollhouse is starting up again this Friday with double episodes. My first thought was “but that doesn’t happen until December. As in the last month of the year, December!” I feel like I’m still in August – where the hell did the Fall go? Father Time or whomever is stealing my life away, I want it back, dammit!

Part of it is the weather. We’re expecting temperatures here to hit in the low 60’s tomorrow. They will be drastically falling to the 30’s by tomorrow night, but during the day, the only word for it is balmy. Another reason is that our business, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, is doing well this season. Not well enough for me to quit my job (drat!), but much better than last year. And we are coming home and packing lots of gifts for people. I think of some of our customers opening their mail and finding these lovely, lovely packages. By the way, Olivia the Pig – star of the season!

This past weekend, we brought down the Christmas decorations from the crawl space above the garage. Actually, Helen & brother #3 brought them down. I waited safely at the bottom of the ladder to carry things out of the garage. But we got Prancer (our wicker reindeer) restrung with a new set of lights and set up in the back yard so we can enjoy him from the kitchen and the den, the two rooms we spend most of our time. Brother #3 also got the nails up for me to string the outside lights and last night we picked up a few new strands from Home Depot. Tonight, I hope to throw them up quickly so we can get some color going on the front of our house.

I just answered a question on someone’s blog. They asked “What are you doing this holiday season?” and I answered “I’m not going to worry about the house being ‘clean’ before putting up the Christmas decorations.” If I did, a) we would never decorate and 2) the dust bunnies deserve to celebrate Christmas too. So here’s to a slightly dusty Christmas season:)


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