December has passed in sort of a blur. Our store, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, did very well during the holiday season which was very gratifying but also a little tiring. After working a full day, coming home and packing & getting between 50 to 100 packages ready each night was exhausting. However, we sold a lot of her

and quite a few of him

as well of LOTS of him!

These guys didn’t do too badly either.

On the family front, we celebrated four of these in rapid succession

baked a ton of these

and let’s not forget celebrated a little of this

(by the way, happy holidays everyone – a little belated I know!)

If that weren’t enough crazy enough, Helen and I embarked on an adventure, driving round trip to New Philadelphia, Ohio on Saturday, 12/26 to pick up the newest members of our ever expanding ark. Meet Spike*

and Drusilla*,

a brother/sister team who have completely & utterly stolen our hearts. Their father was a golden retriever and their mother was a black corgi and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.  Right now they are 8 weeks old and perfect! They are helping Helen tie her shoes as I write. I promise, there will be lots more pictures to come. They make wonderful subjects.

*For those of you whose ears perked up at the names, we are HUGE Buffy fans here:D



One Response to “BLUR”

  1. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Oh, they are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (And I was starting to wonder where you were, but I figured the holidays were busy. Glad to have you back!)

    ((Also, yay, Buffy!!!)

    (((Also, also, CUTE!!!)))

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