Wednesday night, we went to our first class of puppy school with the undeadly duo. There are only four puppies registered so far – a Havanese, a Pug, and Spike & Dru. The other two are much more socially adept than our shrinking violets. When the instructor started the socialization portion of the class at the end of the hour, the other two were anxious to meet everyone while Spike & Dru were practically cowering under the chairs. I find it tremendously amusing that they belong to us, two of the most anti-social beings around:) We’re going to take them to the dog park to get to know other dogs, but I’d like them to get at least another round of shots before mixing them in with strange dogs. They’re only 10 weeks old today, so they’ve got plenty of time.

On top of learning how we’re depriving our dogs of key socialization skills, we practiced the “leave it” and “sit” commands, as well as the proper way to administrate treats. It would appear that allowing your dogs to jump into the air whilst trying to snap the treats out of your fingers is NOT the best way of going about it.  I am particularly bad at “hiding” the treats in my hand and releasing them one at a time. Either that or Dru is very adept at removing them all with one fell swoop of her tongue.  It will take practice on both our sides. We have homework that we’re supposed to be working on – hahahaha – over the week. I’m wondering how much they can learn in a weekend.

Really, I’m not too worried about them – they’re going to get away with murder as long as they continue to look like this! How can you get mad at those faces?


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