Yesterday, we headed off to LBI to get hair cuts, check on oustide cats, and introduce the pups to their home-away-from-home during the summer months. First stop – local post office to drop off our packages, then on our way! We carefully arranged everything we were bringing down to the beach house (a bookcase, a large picture, and two lamps) on the back seat, put the un-deadly duo in the way back of Helen’s SUV, and were off. By the time we made it to the post office, Dru had climbed over the barrier to the back seat and was sitting on top of the book case. Okay, slight change of plans – we’re nothing if not flexible. So the bookcase and the two lamps were moved into the way back, the dogs were ensconced on the back seat, and the picture was propped behind the front seats in hopes of keeping the two on the back seat where they belonged.

We made if half a block before Dru figured out how to worm her way onto the floor and behind the picture, and wiggle her way into the front seat with me. Spike may be a little dim, but he’s not stupid and he was hot on her heels. So, before we made it two miles out, we had to turn around and come back home to get their carrier. They are not happy traveling in a “container” but riding with both of them in my lap is not an option. We’re looking into the grating that keeps them in their portion of the car.

However, once we got them in the carrier, the rest of the journey was pretty uneventful, except for a lot of crying and a little vomiting, and not all from me either. Once we got to Rick’s, there was much oohing and aahing, which is as it should be! It’s a pet friendly place so Dru and Spike were allowed to stay with us inside where it was warm. They did so well there, allowing all the little old ladies to pet them and adore them, and we got through with only one minor incident.

Helen was getting her hair cut as I was getting my legs waxed. Dru & Spike were in the back with me, with Spike on my lap. The technician had just applied a layer of wax when Spike started wagging his tail. I say started because it only got half-way around before it was securely stuck to my leg. He didn’t know what was happening and J & I were no help what-so-ever, since we were doubled up laughing. And the wax is hardening. We finally got the tail unstuck, but we had to trim some wax off the end, and then try to explain to Helen why his tail was a little less fluffy on one side.

Then, a quick jaunt down to the house to unload. The outside cats are strays my mother started feeding during the summer. We’re sure that Adelaide is Dudley’s sister

and her kittens are his extended family.

My parents have gotten some feeders from PetCo that release dry food three times a day. Our house is becoming known as the “easy mark”* house, with lots of strays stopping by. There was even a long opossum one night during the summer. We’re hoping that was a one time thing!

*Hobos used symbols to let others know whether a town was friendly or not. A symbol of a cat meant that a “kind lady” lived in that house and would be willing to feed you.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Poor Spike!

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