Spike & Drusilla are the bi-products of a one night stand between a black corgi (mom) and a golden retriever (dad), both residing on an Amish farm in Ohio – or Pennsylvania, one or the other. It seems that the Amish don’t believe in neutering their dogs so there are all sorts of inter-breed hookups going on over there. The rescue agency (From Heaven to Earth) we got them from goes around collecting all the free puppies they find listed in newspapers so that dog fighters don’t get the pups first.

Since bringing Spike & Dru home two weeks ago, I have spent more time outside than I did in the three months, maybe even six months prior. We get up and they go out. They come in to eat, then go out again. In to work, out to play, in to work, out to run around and get rid of all the excessive energy (HAHAHAHA – sorry, couldn’t help myself), in to eat, out, in to watch an episode of TV, out, in, out, in out inoutinoutinout and then finally to bed. It’s exhausting being a puppy, let me tell you! Since they’re still so little and there are holes in/under the fence, at least one of us is out with them at all times.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed it or not, but it’s pretty damned cold out there right now. How bad is it when 25 degrees without wind is positively balmy? And a nasty side effect of all this good, fresh air, is that my lips are very chapped.  I like the Bert’s Bees Lip Balm because it smells of peppermint and makes my lips tingle. But my balm addiction necessity is getting expensive (like the two dogs aren’t costing enough already!) and I think the Amish should be reimbursing me.



Of course, they might just offer to take the problems off my hands, which wouldn’t be good at all. Surprising how little time it took for these two little buggers to worm their way into our hearts. Trust me, guys, there ain’t no way we’re letting you go now!




  1. dogsmom Says:

    They are adorable! I also have an Amish puppy – from Wisconsin Amish… and mine is more white with brown… and weighs over 100 pounds… so I am sure ours are not related.
    Smiling outside in below freezing temps with a windchill is hard on the lips but isn’t it worth it?

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