Since I’m spending more time outside, I figure why not take pictures, at least as long as my fingers are still working. This is not terribly long in 7 degree weather, but I managed to snap a few this past weekend.

The river froze in early December, which is unusual. We normally make it through most of January before it’s frozen completely. The landlord has a device that keeps the water from freezing around the posts of the dock, which means we might see some ducks or seagulls hanging out in the water when it gets a tad bit warmer.

I love the sun reflecting off the ice. Don’t let it fool you, it was still pretty darn cold out! The river is so quiet during the frozen months. Usually, we have ducks, geese, seagulls, & swans moving around but they’ve all gone to find warm spots to stay for a while.

Doesn’t it look like you could skate right across? The only reason I’m not strapping on skates right now is I don’t like to tempt fate. Yeah, we’ll go with that!

It’s not all that smooth. As a matter of fact, there’s something sticking up through the ice at one point – I keep thinking it’s a duck that got frozen in the river, with just his head sticking up above the ice.

Despite the miserable cold, we did get a beautiful sunset full of color …

I love how you can see the lights in the houses across the river are starting to come on. It gives me such a warm, homey feeling as I hightail it back inside where I belong!



2 Responses to “PICTURES”

  1. newmarksblog Says:

    I like these red clouds.

  2. Carol Says:

    Both the frozen river and the sunset are beautiful. Taking them probably took your mind off of the cold.

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