I got a lot of wonderful gifts for Christmas this year – books, a bike, movies & something to play them on. And sister #3 gave me a charm bracelet, one that is for the Pandora Charms.

I love charm bracelets – the idea of collecting something from everywhere you’ve been or to commemorate important events. I have one that my grandmother wore with charms from her trip around the world. I have another that she started for me with dolphins for the beach and books, and I’m pretty sure there’s a cat somewhere on there too. This blog name has been the theme of my life for a long time.

What I don’t like about charm bracelets is the way the charms get snagged on any and everything, eventually getting pulled off the bracelet. As I’ve gotten older, and have to work for a living, wearing them hasn’t been possible. Spending time on the computer with wrists in a downward angle just makes the charms dig into your arms, causing a great deal of pain if they have any kind of angle or are 3 dimensional at all.

What’s so nice about this charm bracelet is it lays flat along your wrist so no discomfort of any kind. The clasp is sturdy so it’s not going to fly off your wrist when you gesticulate, which I never do! And there are tons of charms that you can buy to go on the bracelet. I’ve got my eye on a coiling snake, and a porcupine, and a hippo, and …..

Sister #3 started me off with a pumpkin, what with my birthday being right on top of Halloween and all. Which is perfect!


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