Other than the drive home from Ohio, Spike & Dru have not had a lot of experience with rain. A little snow – yes, but no rain.

Yesterday, it pretty much rained from noon on.

I learned something about our pups and the rain:

  1. They do not like going out in it much, but if you push them out the door, stressing LOUDLY how much they will enjoy it, they will eventually go. And they will enjoy themselves, however, they are doing it under duress, you understand.
  2. They don’t want to use the bathroom outdoors when it’s wet. Why waste precious moments doing that when the time can be so much better spent running through muddy graves and splashing through puddles? Besides, who wants to pee outside in the wet when there’s a perfectly good, recently mopped floor inside, where it’s warm and dry?
  3. One of the best parts of being outside is the toweling off process when they come back in. Someone – I’m looking at you, Spike! – rolls over on his back for extra tummy rubs. Brother #1 introduced him to them this weekend and there’s no turning back now!


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