It snowed yesterday – AGAIN! It seems like it’s been snowing for the past two weeks without stopping. I realize that there are states that get more snow in one snowfall than we see all season, but there are reasons I don’t live in those states – high up being that they get a lot of snow! We got a couple of feet of snow a few weeks ago which had just started melting when, boom! another 18 inches. When that started going down – here comes more snow.

This is after it had melted, twice!

And next Tuesday, depending on the path of the storm, I just heard we might get another 2 feet.

Seriously, look at the size of those flakes.

By the way, have I mentioned that I HATE snow? And being cold? And the damp that burrows its way into my bones and won’t leave? Cause I do!

However, Spike & Dru adore the snow. They go leaping and bounding through it, leaving puppy size holes in the drifts. Thank goodness we have a fenced in back yard that I can just open the door and say “have at it guys” and let them do their thing. When they’re finished, we have big towels waiting for their rub-downs, one of their favorite parts of snowy days.

Dru, dusted with snowflakes

Spike, trying to make me feel guilty about putting him outside

I would just like to say – enough, already. Really, I’m good. I want flowers and spring and warmer weather. It’s time!


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