With the coming of Spring, a young dog’s thoughts turn to … DIRT! They have been digging in it and rolling in it and stinking of it for days, so this past weekend, Spike & Dru got their first bath! We figured, do Spike first so he wouldn’t catch on and try to hide. Before he knew what was going on, we scooped him up and dropped him in the sink.

Oh, man! What are you doing to me?

For the most part, he was resigned to his fate.

And the good thing about bath-time is you are guaranteed of a rub-down afterwards.

And lord knows, Spike likes himself a good rub-down!

Although, that won’t prevent him from playing the pathetic card if he thinks he can use it to his advantage.

He’s wily that way.

Really, Dude?  Can you look any more miserable?

Then, quick – catch Dru and get her into the bath. Because she’s the brains of this outfit and if she’s doesn’t want to have a bath, she can make it miserable for everyone involved. Including their children … and their children’s children … and their pets!

I think she was curious to see what had happened to her brother, so she went along pretty quietly.

And, to add insult to injury, she got an audience. Andrew is such a helper!

I’m not sure if she’s enjoying this, or if she’s plotting her revenge. I guess I’ll know if I find a horse head in my bed.

I’m going to go with enjoying the whole experience. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered in a plastic utility sink?

Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up now!

Added bonus – Silky, clean smelling puppies. For all of two seconds before they were out the door and rolling in the dirt again!

Gratuitous Cat Picture


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