The Wedding Approacheth – day 344

My sister Amanda is getting married. Other than a brief thing with brother #2 quite a few years ago, not one of us (and there are six of us) have even come close to getting married. But now we have a wedding in our future and we are so excited! So excited it warrants referring to myself in the royal “we”, it seems. I am thrilled … and scared, because I have to be in a wedding in less than a year and I am close to the heaviest I have ever weighed. And you know it’s all about me, not the bride. So, there needs to be a plan! And accountability!! And multiple pounds lost!!! and overuse of exclamation points, because who knows when this will happen again!!!!

The wedding is set for May 21, 2011. This is a definite. That gives me 344 days to lose 100 pounds. That’s doable, right? Right? I can’t hear you! Just to throw a spanner in the works (which reminds me, that’s an awesome album by Rod Stewart. I should look that up on iTunes.) God, I wonder why I can’t lose any weight when my mind goes flitting off at the slightest provocation! Focus … I’m 43 years old coming in at 257 pounds, which is the close to the most I’ve ever weighed. I am not going to go on any fad diets – the last time I did that, I lost many pounds and a gall bladder. The pounds came back but the gall bladder was gone forever. I firmly believe my internal organs should stay right where they belong – inside my body.

I’ve tried jump starting my diet by eating only salads for two weeks, which tends to turn me into a raving bitch. And whiny to boot which is never good. So, it will have to be sensible eating – protein and veggies every day. Low starches and sugars. Side note, my leg just started twitching violently. I wonder if there’s any correlation? LOTS of exercise. Crap! there goes the other leg! Maybe I’ll just have a heart attack and save myself the trouble.

This time, more than any other, I have a date by which I need to achieve my goal. And, really, I’m not going to try to lose 100 pounds by then, although that would be AWESOME!  I just want to look the best I can.  So, in the spirit of accountability, here goes. This is me now …

Hopefully, if I continue to post pictures and keep track of food intake/exercise, by next May, I’ll be a twig! Stick thin, I tell ya! or at least healthier:)

Wish me luck!


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5 Responses to “The Wedding Approacheth – day 344”

  1. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Good luck! I’ve been good about exercising this year, but not about avoiding the empty calories, so my scale’s been stuck. Frustrating.

    Also, I really like your skirt!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Remember that as a member of the wedding party, Mike and I would like you to be alive and able to participate….

  3. Wilma Says:

    Hi! I just found your blog through a comment you left on another blog. The name of your blog intrigued me! 🙂 I think you’re on the right track with your lifestyle change plan. If you like your form of exercise, it won’t be nearly as hard to actually get it done. If you’re really serious about getting in shape, check out 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. She’s the nazi trainer on The Biggest Loser. I’m not going to lie, the dvd is HARD, and you think you are going to die, but there are a lot of things I like about it. The workouts are 20 minutes (who can’t fit that in somewhere?), she can’t yell at you like she does the contestants, and you start feeling & seeing a difference very quickly. Another huge thing for me, has always been accountability to somebody, and even rewards & consequences for victories or slip-ups. Compete with somebody else who’s also trying to lose weight.
    Just my 2 cents, and things that have worked for me. So anyway, I’ll shut up now! 🙂
    Bravo to you, and good luck in your quest for health!

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