Helen and I are trying to  quit our corporate office jobs and work at home full time. We have mad skills, baby! We just need to figure out how to work knitting/reading/watching TV/blogging/animal wrangling into paying our rent and bills. Because we are semi-responsible, we want to have 6 months pay in savings before we actually walk out.  So, we have told the animals if they help us reach that goal, we’ll have Chicken Every Day For Lunch (CEDFL) which has become our rallying cry.

Our contribution is buying lottery tickets every week (the animals are supposed to make our numbers come up) and saving money. We have created blogs, our newest being spikeanddru.com which is chronicling their journey to become therapy dogs. Since we want this to pay our salary, we need readers.

Spike and Dru take their jobs of providing content for the blog very seriously. Today, when we got home at lunch, we found the following destruction:

They found a pile of books I had yet to put away and decided to “read” them.

Please don’t miss the toys that are scattered about – it’s not like we deprive these dogs anything!

At least they’ll be well-read when we send them to juvie hall!

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2 Responses to “CEDFL”

  1. Kat Says:

    Oh no! Sassy little stinkers. There goes their chicken dinners! 😉

  2. debbie bailey Says:

    Oh, no! Anything but books! Aren’t you just sick?

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