I was looking for an old post and started going through my archives. Wow, I used to write a lot! And now, not so much. I’m laying the blame at the feet of these two.

No, really. They may look all cute and cuddly, but they are a huge time-suck! If they’re in, they want to be out. If they’re out, they want you out there with them. If you don’t jump right on that, they wiggle under the fence and fall in the river.

My only problem is that I adore the little buggers! I don’t mind (much) standing out in the rain and cold with them to make sure they don’t bathe themselves in mud. And I’m completely intrigued by how they react to the training we’re doing with them. It’s fascinating to watch for the light bulb moment, when they “get” what you’re trying to do with them.

I generally don’t write about my job, mostly because I’m horribly unhappy at it right now. It was okay when I was working on things I understood, but I spend most of my days putting together submittals for products I don’t fully understand, thereby making me feel inadequate at what I do. I hate not doing well at my job! But I’m not interested in construction so I cannot whip up the desire to learn more about furring channels and expansion joints and cold formed metal framing.

There does not seem to be anywhere for me to go here. What can a Liberal Arts major who loves to read and write do in the construction business? Right now, my job seems to be regressing to more and more secretarial work. Since the receptionist quit to follow her dream of haircare, and they refuse to hire anyone to take her place (we’re in a recession, if you hadn’t heard), my day is taken more with answering phones, ordering lunches and helping the estimating department fill out the unit pricing forms, because they can’t work the computer programs. I wish I had the guts to just walk out but there is a responsibility gene that I’m stuck with (her name is Helen) that won’t allow me to leave without a 6 month cushion so we don’t become destitute and have to move back in with my parents. So for now, we save and try to find alternate forms of employment that will allow us to work at home, with my dogs!

My latest desire is to become a dog trainer. I only have 300 hours and about 10 years of training in front of me. No problem.


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  1. Helen Says:

    On behalf of myself and Spike and Dru – IT’S NOT ALL OUR FAULT!!!! mostly but not all

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