To Do List:

It is a cold, grey Sunday in January which is perfect weather for getting things done! Here’s what I hope to accomplish today:

  1. Take down the Christmas tree. We put it up exactly one month ago for Helen’s birthday and it has now outstayed its welcome. However, at night, in the dark, with just the colored lights from the tree, it’s magical and I hate taking that away.
  2. Clean the dogs’ den (kitchen and dining room) which they have trashed yet again. Fluff and hair and parts of a magazine they “read” are all over the floor and need to be swept up.
  3. Make blankets. We made huge – 108″ x 72″- blankets for my brother and my sister’s fiancée for Christmas. L’s was in Green Bay colors and M’s was in the blue and silver of Dallas. Everyone was really intrigued that we had made them and a little envious that they didn’t get one as well. We foolishly mentioned that the original  plan had been to make one for everyone but we ran out of time. When we met again for New Years, several of the family asked how their blankets were coming along. So now, we have yards and yards of fleece and two sewing machines and a serger waiting to go to work.
  4. Organize and put away the fabric we bought yesterday from Fabricland. We went there on a whim yesterday and came away with some really nice material. As we get more and more into sewing, we need to keep things in order as we have a tendency to go crazy and spend lots of money and buy things we already have, because we don’t know where they are or we forget we had them in the first place. Order is needed!
  5. Read. I have started The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and I am just loving it! Her style and way with words are wonderful and the story is really interesting too. Even though she jumps from England in 1900 to Australia in 1975 to Australia in 1913 to England in 2005, it doesn’t matter. I have no problem following her or the story.
  6. Sit with these guys.

    After the bath

    We’ve taken to sitting with them every night just before we go to bed and giving them a rub down. It calms everyone down before we head upstairs. We promised them we would try to do a little more of that this weekend, so I plan to combine this with a little reading.

  7. Start another blog for the store, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals and More. In the hectic-ness of the summer and fall, our old blog got lost and then we didn’t renew the domain name so I need to start anew. There’s been a lot happening with the store and I want to get it down on paper – as it were.
  8. Take pictures and list our new stock. It is unlike anything else we’ve had so far and I am so excited about it. Check back in a few days ( and you’ll see what I mean!

That should be enough to get me started. What do you have planned for today?


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5 Responses to “To Do List:”

  1. knottywitch Says:

    That’s quite the list! When we had our flat, I kept one of those portable closets (the cheap kind on wheels, lol) in my sewing corner. I kept the fabric for upcoming projects on hangers, with the patterns pinned in a zip-lock type bag on the fabric it was intended for. Kept notions in totes at the bottom, and sort of rolled with it from there.
    Good luck with your endevours. You do realize you started a tradition now though, right?

  2. Cats, Books, Life is Good Says:


    It was a rather daunting list but we got through quite a bit of it! I love your idea for storing patterns with the fabric. There have been quite a few times where I bought fabric for a particular project and then used it for something else because I wasn’t thinking. Having a pattern attached would alert me that I had other plans for it:) We have a set of deep rolling drawers that I plan to hide under the table where I will keep my fabric safe from the nesting habits of the felines. I just need to empty them of their current contents *sigh*.

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  5. knottywitch Says:

    It’s always something, isn’t it? Which is good, it keeps one from becoming bored.
    We have cats now,and I doubt the hanging thing would work here. I had been contemplating it and never once thought of the cats. Even while cleaning cat fur from the bathn one likes to bring her toys in there to play.

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