To Do List – follow up

Yesterday, I posted my list of things I wanted to get done. Some of it was very easy, like the Christmas tree, which Helen did as I typed my post. However, I paid my penance by tackling the dogs’ dens on my own:) Here’s how the list looked by the end of the day:

  1. Take down the Christmas Tree – as I quickly wrote my post, Helen got everything down off the tree and put away. She then took the tree out and to the curb. Meanwhile, I vacuumed up all the stray needles. The upside to taking out the tree? Our vacuum will smell like Christmas for the next few weeks.
  2. Clean the dogs’ dens – the pile that I amassed by the time I was done sweeping the kitchen alone was monumental! I will not go so far as to say we sweep every day but we get to it 4 or 5 times a week. What I got was just from a day and a half.
  3. Make blankets – This required figuring out my new serger before starting. Threading it took easily half an hour, complete with a minor meltdown when the thread broke for the fourth time in a row. However, once I got the damn thing going, it works like magic! As I was threading, Helen got the first two sides pinned on one blanket. All together, we got one blanket finished and another started.
  4. Organize and put away fabric – This is on hold for next weekend. We have a set of deep rolling drawers that we want to hide under the tables to hold the fabric but we have to do something with the current contents first.
  5. Read – We did steal half an hour to sit on the floor with our books and our dogs. I imagined quiet time with a dog stretched out beside me. Drusilla imagined a lively game of keep-away with my book being the object of desire. Actually, she quieted down pretty quickly and was happy as long as at least one of my hands was petting her at all times. The minute I stopped to turn a page, she started butting my book with her nose. Spike, our special, special boy, barked at shadows and reflections for much of the time.
  6. Sit with the guys – see above
  7. Start a blog for Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals – did not get to this. Maybe during my free time this we…. – sorry, had to laugh!
  8. Take pictures and list new stock in our store Done! I think that this bear may be one of my favorite things we’ve ever carried.  And this penguin? Love his smart-alec look!

All in all, it was quite a productive day. So, how was your weekend?


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