What’s new with you?

A lot has happened here since I last posted.  I quit my boring but steady office job for the uncertain life of self-employment. My sister Helen and I made the decision to open a retail store, found and rejected several locations before settling on the right one, and then did all the work (mostly painting) getting it ready to open without hiring any outside help. Oh, and we opened the doors two weeks after we quit our jobs. We could never have done it so quickly without the help of my parents and my brothers, especially my mother who was there with us until 11:00 the night before we opened, getting everything on the shelves. You can see before and after pictures at our store blog. As a matter of fact, since my life now mostly revolves around Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, I will be spending the majority of my time writing there. Please check in and see what we are doing. It won’t only be about inventory, etc. Why, today alone, I recount the exciting tale of an intrepid computer, a bottle of diet coke, and a flailing elbow. I assure you, while there are twists and turns, it ends well.


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