It takes all kinds, I guess.

A patron and her friend come into the store, pushing  infants in  strollers, comparing their children’s diseases. Evidently, if your child is completely healthy, you did it wrong. Nothing says chic & “in-the-now” more than a hard to pronounce, even harder to understand illness. And if your doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong with your child, then you’ve really made it.

Anyway, this woman comes in and says “Tell me what I’m looking at!”

Me: Ha Ha … oh wait – you’re serious.

Customer: What’s your gimmick? Your catch? And I mean that in the  best way.

Me: Of course you do.

So I explained about our stuffed animals, the organic lines and the non-organic ones, the jewelry and ceramics, etc. She nodded knowingly, and left without buying anything.

Helen says I should have told her that they were all sleeping and we had to be very careful not to wake them because you DO NOT want to mess with a cranky stuffed animal. I just wanted to ban them for stupidity.



One Response to “It takes all kinds, I guess.”

  1. Amanda Graham Says:

    You should have told them that your gimick was too intelligent for them. OBVIOUSLY!!! or the plush and jewelry have special healing and diagnostic qualities. The more expensive, the better improved your child. I feel for those children…

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