How many cats before I become the crazy cat lady?

Do you remember that routine Rodney Dangerfield used to do about not getting any respect? My cats give me no respect what-so-ever! They wait until I am done cleaning out their box before they use it and then, they don’t have the decency to cover up their messes, as “the help” is there to do it for them.

And if four weren’t enough, we’ve gone and added a fifth to the family!

Tabitha at 3 weeks

Meet Tabitha Stanley (we’re still not 100% sure if she’s a male or a female yet, but we’re going with female for now). She was abandoned by her mother in the garden and we heard her screaming in the rain. She’s had a healthy set of lungs on her since the moment we met her.

Tabitha at 4 weeks

Since we had to bottle feed her, she has been spending days at the store with us. Not surprisingly, she has collected quite a following, especially with the people who work in the stores around us.

Tabitha at 4 weeks

We have daily visitors who open the door, inform us that they are not here to buy anything, and then ask whether the queen is receiving.

Tabitha at 5 weeks

She is now on kitten food and has been proclaimed healthy by the vet. She will have her tests for Feline Aids & Feline Leukemia done at 12 weeks, however everything else is going splendidly!

Tabitha at 6 weeks

The dogs love her and act as her knight errants, coming to get us if she starts crying. Very often, she will lose us and meow. Once she catches sight of us, she comes running and pats our feet to make sure we know where she is.

Tabitha at 7 weeks

Andrew & Dudley (2 of the other cats) are so good with her, playing and teaching her all manner of things. George puts up with her like the crusty old gentleman he is. And Gretel wants nothing to do with her. She was the same way with Dudley when he was that age. It’s almost as if she’s letting us know that when we had her spayed, we took out the maternal instinct as well.

Tabitha at 8 weeks

Tabitha is now 8 weeks old and she loves to play among the stuffed animals in the store. When she gets really tired, she will crash behind them and it’s always fun to see how terrified we can get before we find her.

Right now, she is trading pats for little bites of chicken. She will pat Helen’s hand, ever so gently, and then wait for Helen to share her salad.

Tabitha now

She is an absolute love and perfect for our store!


2 Responses to “How many cats before I become the crazy cat lady?”

  1. mrspris Says:

    You can’t be the crazy cat lady, otherwise I am too,(I have six!) She is so adorable and looks great considering how she was found and how young she was….good job and congratulations on your new little one!! mrspris from Oklahoma

  2. KBL Says:

    There is no such thing as too many of a beloved creature. No such thing! I would rather be a crazy dog or cat lady than not have known them at all. Tabitha is a dear, sweet kitty! I still have pictures on my desktop from when you found Dudley. Oh, how I love Dudley!

    MB, I want to thank you for your warm thoughts and comment for our Milo. I miss him. It means a great deal to me that you thought of him too.

    I saw your sister’s wedding pictures. One day we’ll all meet, I just know it. You guys are wonderful. Say hi to your brood and give them kisses, cherish them every minute!

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