I Really Need to Get Better at This Blogging Thing ….

I keep meaning to come back to this blog and I have started posts over and over and then life keeps intruding. Which equals a bazillion draft posts and nothing posted. So, I have promised myself that this post will be published come hell or high-water. Therefore, if I break off mid-sentence, you will understand.

The past year has been busy for our family. Helen and I opened our store.

My brother eloped.

(Photo courtesy of the wedding photographer – link to follow)

My sister got married.

I gained a cat.

We lost a cat.

My brother had a baby! (Well, technically, my sister in law had the baby, but we give him credit anyway!)

(Picture courtesy of my brother)

I became one of those crazy aunts that whip their phones out at the slightest provocation to show off pictures of my nephew.

Really, how can you not?

(Picture courtesy of my brother)

Helen and I moved house, which was stressful.

We’re finally getting to the end of unpacking and everyone’s starting to settle in.

Spike and Drusilla are adjusting well. They don’t have a backyard anymore but they do get to spend a lot more time with us. And there are lots of walks and visits to the dog park and games of tennis ball, so I think they’ll survive.

In August, we had a minor earthquake and a hurricane hit New Jersey within a week of each other. Earthquakes are practically unheard of here on the east coast and I didn’t realize what had happened until I checked Twitter. I just got a little dizzy. Hurricanes are more prevalent and this one brought quite a bit of flooding, including putting our entire first floor under water.

And through it all, I’ve read a few books

(a portion of the books I’ve finished over the past year)

It’s going to be interesting to see what the next year brings!


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