Hooray – Monday Mission is back! As usual, our host is the lovely Painted Maypole, and you can head on over to her site to see the rest of the entries. This week’s Monday’s Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the form of a letter home from a teacher.

Dear Mrs. G.

Here at the BH School of De-Stress and Relaxation, our goal is to teach our students stress management techniques which they, hopefully, will then transfer to their daily lives, thereby lowering their blood pressure and prolonging their lives. Examples of our classes included deep breathing exercises, yoga, relaxation poses, etc. We are happy to report that your child, Andrew fits right in with the other students. He adopted our way of teaching from the very beginning, going so far as to exceed every one’s expectations. We do have one concern though – he relaxes to the point where we’re not sure he has a pulse! We only wish everyone embraced our techniques with such fervor!

We are looking forward to great things from young master Andrew this year.


The Staff at BH School of De-Stress and Relaxation

5 Responses to “LETTER FROM SCHOOL – Monday Mission”

  1. Louise Says:

    Cute! You gotta love cats for their ability to appear pulse-less for hours on end! If only we all could do such a thing!

  2. painted maypole Says:

    very funny! Shakespeare evacuated with us, and he hasn’t quite been able to acheive that level of relaxation here. could b that 8 hour car ride to get here! 😉 i’m not looking forward to puttig him back in the carrier for the ride home!

  3. noble pig Says:

    I want to be that cat. What a life.

  4. A.C. Says:

    I’m with noble pig…I wanna be a cat too.What a great picture. It relaxes me just to look at it.

  5. the dragonfly Says:

    Too funny. I want to have that life too!! Not that I want to do nothing but lay around and sleep…but I sure would love the option of a few minutes now and then!!(my neighbor and I are working out a weekly “trade”..I take her little girl for a few hours one day, she takes the Little Mister for a few hours on a different day. We both win!)

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